Originator of Ideas
Dear Reader,

From my youth, I have been a thinker. This can be understood in Platonic terms: I originate an idea, develop it in its own conceptual universe, deduce it from the axioms of that universe, and only then, and only when pressed, translate it into its image on the wall of public discourse. Academically, I have been a rethinker rather than a researcher; my degrees are mere imprimaturs of knowledge I have possessed years ago and fail to acknowledge my disputes with or extensions of what I was presumably taught. My data analysis has always been anchored to a rigorous theory; it is not set adrift in a sea of pure empiricism, where errors are hidden in the shoals.

You will therefore find on these pages, as well as in my books and music, ideas and works which defy convention and will not be found in the annals of conventional wisdom. They bear no allegiance to the ideologies of the left, middle, or right. They are distinctly my own, not coming from any other source than myself, so do not ask me where I got any of them or presume to claim a source in some recently popular notion, for you will be just plain wrong. The only way to know what I have written is to read it without bias or translation into what you think I must write, based on your erroneous assessment of me and my politics.

In short, I am an originator of ideas and you will here find my original ideas.

Thank you for reading.

C. P. Klapper