Complete abolition of slavery

Unconditional provision of the necessities

The Thirteenth Amendment provides an exception for conviction of a crime, but it need not be utilized.

As Senator, I would add a Powell Amendment to every appropriations bill coming to the Senate, denying funds to any State which allowed prisoners to work. I would also enter legislation to prohibit any prisoner labor in any federal prison and in any prison in which federal prisoners are incarcerated. Finally, I would propose or support a constitutional amendment which completely abolishes slavery and involuntary servitude in the United States and any place subject to its jurisdiction.

Currently, the provision of the necessities under our democratic mercantilist political economy is conditioned on employment. By having to "work for a living", Americans practically give their labor away under duress. Worse, their false understanding of their predicament causes them to support foreign wars as a means to "bring jobs back", to encourage featherbedding and other "make-work" jobs, and to push for higher minimum wages which only benefit national mercantilist firms with monopoly power.

As Senator, I would introduce legislation to give each resident of seven years or more an allowance of $1500 per week. As an exercise of the power of Congress in Article I, Section 8, Clause 4 of the United States Constitution, to establish a Uniform Rule of Naturalization, my legislation would provide $40 for birth or arrival, then an additional $4 per week for each week of reidence in these United States, up to the 365th week. Once people have this regular income, they can decide to fulfill their calling or support their neighbors in fulfilling their callings.